0.43 Motiom Boom new firmware update?

Do I have to do this update?

Another question :
Do you believe in software? :laughing:

The big problem of such “updates” is, that the older version is often NOT available
to “downgrade” if something went wrong.

Using my speakers under LINUX (no app) and they are working perfectly,
I never did.

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Any reviews of this 0.43 firmware?
I was constantly looking at this topic for like two weeks, but no any more answers yet.
Asking because, there was the first firmware update for the Motion Boom, and i was regret that i updated it.
So is this .43 a worthy one?
What are the differences?
Thank you!

This is definitely a question for the support and the developers from soundcore.
Ask there.
Good luck! :smile:

I didn’t really notice a difference. On the plus side, I haven’t noticed any problems either.

IIRC it was the usual Bug Fixes and User Experience optimization.