1 Liberty air 2 bud still functions but doesn’t make any sound

All the functions (volume touch controls etc.) still seem to work but the bud is just completely silent. Out of nowhere the buds sound started to breakup to the point where they’d only play at a particular angle and now they’ve gone completely. Just wondering if anyone has any idea what might be the cause of this ?

Sounds like an issue that service@soundcore.com would be more helpful to potentially process a warranty.

Before you contact them, they will ask if you have reset the earbuds. They will also want you to disconnect from all devices, clear any BT connections, reset them and see if that fixes the issues. If not, you are good and if you still have an issue then they you need to contact the email above.

If not they will send an email asking you to do that. Also they will ask you to get the serial number as well off the device.

This may help with less back and forth to get your potential exchange buds.

Thank you so much for the help Duane, will definitely work my way down that list and hope it gets sorted out!

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I do not have them but I do know from the site that several people do and they love them.

Will also state that if they ended up working again or not there was 3 iterations of that brand. One has wear detection and double tap options… The other two iteration do not have and I think one has single tap options and the other gives single tap or double tap option.

It may be something that you may need to mention if you did get them exchanged. If you had wear detection and then the replacement pair did not then you may want let them know. Unsure what they will state but would rather you get what you had than a potential change in the iteration.