1 second song challenge for fun

Throughout my work day, I tend to listen to the radio as I do not have the time mostly to consistently listen to a long run of songs ( in and out of meeting). The radio provides me my music with whatever genre I am wanting to listen too and I can have it low enough to play in the background as well.

As I listen to the radio, you will hear diferent contest that they are doing and sometimes they are pretty fun ($1000 dollars a day in May, or 12 days of Electric 102 and etc). One such contest was the one second song challenge. The contest played 5 songs over the course of a month and provided a money prize that increased if somebody got the wrong song.

I thought it was a fun game and the song snippets were pretty hard to say the least.

So with that, I give you the Duane 1 second song challenge for fun :rofl:


  1. Yes this video was done in a hurry due to I will be taking my son on a college tour here at the end of the week.
  2. So parts of it you may hear some background noises from kids as it is summer time.
  3. My song snippets could have been a little better quality but refer back to one.

I will say that this may be a fun activity for @loz, @hannah and @Sean.L and other admin to use in the future if they are thinking up activities or games for us to play in the future for some reason.

1 sec songs - YouTube

So concept is way better than the current presentation. Hope you enjoy.


That looks interesting. I’ll check it out but if they aren’t Classic Rock, I might not do too good.

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This is a fun small game/challenge, I also think it would go well if the Soundcore admin made more of these.
I gave this one my best shot, and I recognized them all, but could only place a name on the first one…

  1. Crazy - Gnarls Barkley
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Awesome idea!


This was really fun I think I got all but the last one which is a little hard to hear for me will post answers after listening to it again tomorrow

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Will say you got at least one correct. :rofl:

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This was fun, but frustrating at the same time. I recognized two, but not a chance at naming either.

I’ll have another listen on the weekend when I have a bit more time.

I look forward to this being a weekly thing :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree. The ones on the radio was hard as well.