10 Albums That Changed Rock Music Forever

“Not every album that comes out in the wild is looking to be the biggest record in the world. If you were to ask half of the bands that would go down as classic rock back in the day, they would tell you that they were just playing the songs that they thought were pretty good and put them onto a piece of vinyl. That should be good enough, but sometimes you end up changing the tides of popular music without even knowing it.”
Some really great albums on this list! :clap:


Some did, others of course not.
But this is only my humble opinion. :grin:

I’ll be looking through this later to see if they got the list right

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IIRC They have Dark Side of the Moon at only #4, so it looses credibility right there. :rofl::rofl:

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Although i do enjoy some Ramones from time to time to say that they changed rock ?? No stones??

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Exactly :thinking: