10 Out of 10 with Ignacio "Nacho" Molino

10 Quick Fire Questions for the 10 Grammy Award Winning Audio Engineers who helped make Liberty 2 Pro possible, starting with @nachomolino in the first of our 10-part series. Feel free to ask Nacho questions down below. Let’s go!

What’s your full name?

Ignacio Antonio Molino Carles

How many Grammy awards have you won and what for?

2 Grammys, 3 Latin Grammys and 3 Nominations.

Grammy for Best Latin Tropical Album “Son de Panama” from Ruben Blades 2015.

Grammy for Best Latin Tropical Album “Salsa Big Band” from Ruben Blades 2017.

Latin Grammy for Album of the Year “Salsa Big Band” from Ruben Blades 2017.

Latin Grammy for Best Salsa Album “Salsa Big Band” from Ruben Blades 2017.

Latin Grammy for Best Salsa Album “Salsa Big Band” from Ruben Blades 2017.

Latin Grammy Nomination for Best Traditional Tropical Album “Medoro Madera” from Ruben Blades 2018.

Latin Grammy Nomination for Best Recording for “La Flor de la Canela” from the Album “Achabuca” 2017.

Latin Grammy Nomination for Best Fusion Album “Barrios de mi Tierra” from Ivan Barrios 2019.

What’s something not many people know about you?

I’m a metal head!. I love metal and heavy music. I also work as a monitoring engineer for Ruben Blades in his concerts.

Which artists have you worked with?

Ruben Blades, CJ Ramone, Diego Torres, Joan Manuel Serrat, Rosana, Carlos Vives, Omar Alfanno, Luis Enrique, Angel Lopez from Son by Four, Tony Vega, Danilo Perez, John Patitucci, Tom Patitucci, Terry Lynne Carrington, Jamey Haddad, Joe Lovano, Carlos Garnett.

What’s the best thing about being an audio engineer?

I get to work with music every day of my life and it’s the best it could ever happen to me. I get to contribute my grain of sand to so many songs and albums. It’s an amazing feeling when artists trust you with their music. It’s the most important thing to them and they leave it up to you to take decisions in their work.

What’s the worst thing about being an audio engineer?

It’s a very demanding career. Sometimes you will have to sacrifice family time, or birthdays, or holidays for work but, I love what I do.

What did you think when we contacted you regarding Liberty 2 Pro and why did you agree to work with us?

At first I thought it was probably a scam haha. Then when it started getting serious I thought “this can’t be really happening”. Then when we had the conference call and got the explanation of how the Liberty 2 Pro worked and how they were designed I thought “this has to be good!”

When you first heard Liberty 2 Pro in its final form what did you think?

My first impression was I could hear all the depth of the stereo field. After some seconds into the first song I was noticing all the transients were there, all the sounds were present and fast.

*All the high frequencies were so detailed yet they were not hurting my ears at all. The lows were powerful but not overpowering and very defined. *

The place where I was listening to them for the first time wasn’t a very quiet place so the Liberty 2 Pro’s isolation was great because I could get totally disconnected from my surroundings just by closing my eyes. Really nice!.

Have your impressions of Liberty 2 Pro changed or have you noticed anything new?

No, I still get amazed every time I use them. It’s like listening to them for the first time over and over again.

Any other comments?

The charging time is so short for the amount of time you get of playback. They are very comfortable because they bring every size imaginable of ruber rings for your ears so you can basically fit them to size very precisely.

@nachomolino was kind enough to leave us a full review in the video below. Check it out and ask him your own questions down below.


Sweet! Thanks for sharing this interview!

I still want to hear what these audio engineers don’t like about them. If soundcore will be 100% with us, they will tell us :wink:


Every review seems to be focusing on the coaxial stuff (which we know already!). It would be good to see how it works, bluetooth connectivity, latency (very important), button functionality, etc

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Awesome interview @nachomolino! I love how you thought it was a scam that Soundcore was contacting you, that made me laugh and almost spit out my coffee. I completely understand how demanding it can be for you with your career. Probably not on the same level at all (as much as I would love to say I was ever nominated for anything as prestigious as a Grammy, let alone winning 5 of them), but with my career in IT, there have been many missed birthdays, celebrations, weddings and everything in between due to having to fly out last minute to somewhere to work with a client or fix something. The week before my wedding, my company had me fly out to Bermuda for what was supposed to be 3 days (with no fun in the sun, just sitting in a data center), only to have it extended until 2 days before my wedding. I finally had to say that I cannot stay any longer and flew home. Congrats on all of your success and I hope you have many more experiences in the future that make you take a step back and wonder if it is real.

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Thanks @Loz and @nachomolino for the questions answered above.

I have a few of my own I would like to ask.

  1. When you used these earbuds, did you pair it with your phone or computer?

  2. What phone/computer did you use?

  3. Did you use the earbuds for anything other than listening to music? Such as watching a movie or listening to podcast or talking on the phone

  4. How was your experience if you used these for anything other than music?

  5. Did you experience any issues while using these?such as pairing issues, disconnects between the earbuds or lag?

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thanks @Loz for bringing us yet another interesting interview!

Keep up the great work!

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Hey @TechMan! For now there’s nothing I dislike about them. Later in the future if I find something I’ll let you know.


Hello @Marco_S, buttons work as they should, they connected easily to my phone, I don’t have the latency numbers at hand but I’ve watched Netflix with them and lipsync has been great so I guess its low enough.

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Hey @Fuu_bar! Thank you for your words and sorry I almost made you spit out your coffee!. You were lucky you could fly back to your wedding! You can miss bdays, holidays, Christmas, New Year, anything except for your wedding!!.


Nice review, thanks for sharing the interview with us.


Hello @Tank!
I’ve paired my Liberty’s to my phone (Huawei) and to my laptop (MacBook Pro).

I’ve used them to watch stuff on Netflix without any issues. No disconnects, no lag, nothing whatsoever.

I do really enjoy listening to music in them and checking my work on them.


@nachomolino did you have any fit issues with the ear tips or did the selection included allow for a comfortable fit. Also, as a “metal head” I was wondering if you enjoy Babymetal? I enjoy them regardless of the genre that they get assigned. Thanks for the review!

Hey @botanner007! I didnt have any problems with the ear tips. And I haven’t heard Babymetal. I will look for them.

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Nice review, covers what I need to know.

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@nachomolino thanks for the update on my questions, glad you like them and they are working good for you. Now I cant wait to get mine and start jamming away

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