10 Out of 10 with Krish Sharma

I’m super excited to bring you our 6th instalment of 10 Out of 10 - where we sit down with one of the Grammy Winning Producers to ask 10 quick fire questions. Today we have audio engineer and CEO, Krish Sharma. Krish provides us with some great insights into the music creation process and value of musicians - something Krish’s entire business is based on.

What’s your full name?

Krish Sharma

How many Grammy awards have you won and what for?

Ziggy Marley - Album: Family Time for: Mixing

Rolling Stones – Album: Blue and Lonesome For: Recording and Mixing

What’s something not many people know about you?

I started a company, called BYGMusic, to help with the financial well-being of music artists.

Which artists have you worked with?

Rolling Stones

Liz Phair

Ziggy Marley


Brian Wilson

Kris Kristofferson

Hillary Duff

What’s the best thing about being an audio engineer?

The best thing about being an audio engineer is the unique place one gets to Occupy in the creative process. You are at once an active participant in crafting the product on a very intimate level while also a guide for others as they contribute and express themselves. You are a player/coach and able to enjoy both collaboration and individual expression.

What’s the worst thing about being an audio engineer?

As with anything one is truly passionate about, it is difficult to find a balance between music and the rest of one’s life.

What did you think when we contacted you regarding Liberty 2 Pro and why did you agree to work with us?

I am passionate about music and the musical experience. I was inspired to work with a Company which took a holistic approach to the musical experience, including leveraging musicians as spokesperson through BYGMusic and a custom App experience.

When you first heard Liberty 2 Pro in its final form what did you think?

I thought that these things rocked. They are musical, transparent and easy to use. These headphones are finally an accessible step forward for an actual authentic listening experience. Most affordable headphones I have used reproduce a musical experience which is not very musical at all. Soundcore is the antidote to this problem. These headphones reproduce the audio spectrum faithfully and work well on a technical level – Bluetooth pairing etc – but much more importantly they are musical and provide a musical experience consistently.

Have your impressions of Liberty 2 Pro changed or have you noticed anything new?

Only that they have stood up to regular use and continue to sound great

Any other comments?

Music and the musicians who make it are precious commodities and deserve our support and respect. Thank you Soundcore for respecting the listening experience.



What are your thoughts on Krish’s responses? Do you think society values musicians enough? Leave your thoughts below.


Thanks for this 10/10!

Having the same questions every time does begin to get dreary…


Agreed but at least the response was a bit more expanded this time outside of ‘they rock’ :wink:

Thanks for the ongoing sit-downs @Loz


Thanks @Loz for sharing expert’s views 10/10

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Impressive number of well know groups. Thanks for sharing as well

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Awesome to see the all of the producers, great review!

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It is really nice to see all the Grammy Winning Producers 10 out of 10 reviews about the Liberty 2 Pro. :grin:

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Good to hear another active listener is positive.

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Thanks for the update, it’s always nice hearing from the rest of the people who helped out

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the new Liberty 2

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Another great interview!! Thank you @Loz

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Don’t worry - only four more to go :wink:

My pleasure! The idea was just so you guys all felt you know each of the audio engineers a little bit individually - and to see that their real people :wink:

I know right! Rolling Stones!!! Hillary Duff on the other hand …

Hey if you can attenuate from the rolling stones to Hillary Duff which is on the other end of the spectrum, then you got my vote as for sure you know what your doing and what your talking about.

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OK. @Loz , I was trying to be nice on that one. Bet he got paid a fortune for the Duff work. lol.

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:wink:Maybe @Loz could do an 11/11 and pick a community member that has the device. Maybe a man of tech, I bet the questions would be great then. :slight_smile:

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Ooh. @kumar.sachin would make a good candidate for this!


That’s actually not a bad idea. Would need to flip a few questions. Great way to get to know a community member in depth.

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