10 Out of 10 with Zach Allen

Welcome to our third instalment of 10 Out of 10! Today we’ve got 10 Quick Fire Questions for another of our Grammy Winning Producers who helped us with Liberty 2 Pro, Zach Allen. Feel free to ask @zachallenaudio your own questions down below.

What’s your full name?

Zachary Waters Allen (but you can call me Zach lol)

How many Grammy awards have you won and what for?

I won in 2017 for Engineering Best Contemporary Blues Album for the Album “Tajmo,” a collaboration between Taj Mahal and Keb’ Mo.’ Also in 2018 for Best Traditional Blues Album for Engineering some Overdubs on Buddy Guy’s Album “The Blues Is Alive and Well”

What’s something not many people know about you?

I keep all kinds of things from my childhood on display in my studio at home. All of my original Kenner Star Wars figures, A Lego Millienium Falcon and A Rocky Poster are a few examples. This helps me to remind me of my youth and inspires me greatly.

Which artists have you worked with?

Keb’ Mo’, Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal, Joe Walsh, G. Love, Kingfish, many more

What’s the best thing about being an audio engineer?

To me there is nothing better than a great tracking session. Here in Nashville we have some of the best musicians in the world and getting to hear songs go from demo form to start to take life is an amazing adrenaline rush.

What’s the worst thing about being an audio engineer?

Sitting in a chair for so many hours tends to cause some back problems from time to time. The good far outweighs the bad however.

What did you think when we contacted you regarding Liberty 2 Pro and why did you agree to work with us?

I generally have an open mind when approached with any opportunity so I wanted to learn more. Once I began to dialog with this company it was very apparent how passionate they were about this product. After I tried them, heard how great they sound, felt how comfortable they were, saw the packaging, it was a no brainer to Endorse the Liberty 2 Pros. I could not be happier with this product

When you first heard Liberty 2 Pro in its final form what did you think?

I was happy that they weren’t super hyped on the top or the bottom. They seemed reasonably flat. Also they had plenty of volume but they weren’t insanely loud. Both of there factors make the Liberty 2 Pros not fatiguing whatsoever.

Have your impressions of Liberty 2 Pro changed or have you noticed anything new?

I’m still as happy with these as the day I got them.

Any other comments?

A lot of times with earbuds in the past, after wearing them for a bit my ears will start to get soar. The Liberty 2 Pros have not done that and are still as comfortable as the day I got them.

WEBSITE - zachallenaudio.com

INSTAGRAM - @zachallenaudio

EMAIL - zachallenaudio@gmail.com


Thanks for the insight Zach, it’s also good to know the fit doesn’t cause discomfort over time :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Zach for your insight and feedback, super happy that you mentioned they remain comfortable even after listening for long hours

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Awesome! I’ve been loving these 10/10!

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Glad to see a fellow Star Wars fan. :wink: I bet he would love to work with John Williams if he had the chance.

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Star Wars and Legos!! A man after my own heart!! Thanks Zach!! It’s great for us to see what audio experts have to say about the Liberty Pro 2s!


Really enjoying the insights recently :muscle:t2:

Looking forward to the rest now

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Thanks for sharing your insights. Good to know they feel good even wearing them for a while.

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Zach’s profile is now set up :slight_smile: Feel free to direct questions his way @zachallenaudio

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Glad everyone enjoyed my take. If you guys have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! - ZA


Welcome @zachallenaudio! Do you use any of the Soundcore EQ presets, or do you use your own custom EQ?


Hey Matt. I actually listen to them flat. I generally prefer headphones that are more true and not super hyped which is yet another reason I endorse the Liberty 2 Pros as they are very balanced to my ears.

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That right there is an excellent endorsement in my book. To be able to leave the EQ flat and have you endorse them that way is astonishing. Thanks so much!


Welcome to the community @zachallenaudio, glad to hear the playback sans EQ is good and true to sound, I normally prefer this method myself…


@zachallenaudio I have to say I thought you were crazy t ok listen to music with a flag eq…until I listened to mine with a flat eq and it really does bring out the true nature of what your listening to. No over hyped bass or enhanced treble, just pure sound as it was meant to be heard