10 strangest musical instuments

I have heard of a few of them.


Zeusaphone and Great Stalacpipe Organ make a great impression.:+1:t2:

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I am about to see if I can find Picasso and I think the theremin was used in Dr Who music.

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Nice reading. Thanks for sharing. But I wouldn’t say all of those are musical instruments

I know the Theremin.
Really great to see a person playing it.

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Pretty cool and interesting as well

There certainly are some strange instruments there @Duane_Lester
But sometimes strange can be available to all of us and come in the simplest forms :rofl:

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I played those before …

Now I have seen an electric kazoo that has upped the game for the professional kazoo players

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100% @Duane_Lester :+1:t2:

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Thats really cool @Duane_Lester

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The kazoo? I thought so too

Yeah @Duane_Lester

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Lol. I was getting a kazoo to add to my comments and saw it . So I ended up watching it and thought it funny and wish I had one as a kid. Lol

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I guess it about time to raid my son’s old toys to find a Kazoo. Lol

What about these ones for the kids Duane?

Typing on that “Touch Punch” is a real horror show. :confounded:

Heck, I think I would like to play this horn. :smile:

Very neat !! Never heard of them.