146 New Vulnerabilities All Come Preinstalled on Android Phones

146 New Vulnerabilities All Come Preinstalled on Android Phones

The dozens of flaws across 29 Android smartphone makers show just how insecure the devices can be, even brand-new.

So… lot of us have Androids , and then some iOS… what are your thoughts?

Source: WIRED

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I use LINUX!
What else! :joy:
No smart phone.

Old Neanderthalean don’t like to get “kicked” from his sleep by such a noisy machine!

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If there was a secure and affordable phone option, I would switch. Since there isn’t, just counting on my personal obscurity and good password practices as much as possible. Would hate to be a celebrity with a modern phone though.

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Welp, I use a pixel device so I’m pretty good here. Timely security updates and direct support from google employees is a win for me.

I also generally root my devices so I can remove system bloat and customise my device exactly how I wish. I also have the ability to install custom firmware which can add upon AOSP (the complete stock Android that every phone manufacturer bases their own firmware on) to add in custom features and merge in bug fixes direct from other open source developers.

Pretty much every Android phone has the ability to do this (except for newer Samsung devices as you lose Knox, and Huawei devices as they don’t allow you to flash third party firmware anymore).

But generally, the best solution to this is to just not be dumb and don’t install shady apps from a random site on the internet.

Personally the only apps I’ll sideload from the internet are open source apps from developer’s I am personally friends with so I know for a fact I’m safe.

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Interesting to know. I hadn’t taken it seriously before, maybe I start to take more care with my personal information that I keep on my phone
Thanks for sharing!

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Many users are not caring much about data security.
I was in computers science for about 40 years and we were giving lessons
“data security”

Usually the users are argueing :
“I have nothing to hide, so I have nothing to lose”

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Of.coutse phones out the box are vulnerable, as they haven’t been set up yet.

It’s how vulnerable they are AFTER, security updates, and setting passcodes etc.

Any device stripped down, has TECHNICAL FLAWS, it’s how after the average user has removed as much bloatware as possible, checked permissions, and set up their codes, if it’s vulnerable then, then there’s a problem.

Strangely the report doesn’t mention any of this after their shocking title, only how some phones COULD be hacked out of the box, and it’s only theoretical, based on info of what permissions may be given on some apps.

I think most know that apps come with a lot of potential to control you’re phone without extra input from YOU. However, in the app description it says (generally) what permissions it wants and for what reasons… Everytime you download a new keypad app, it warns of keystroke theft, but you take the risk it doesn’t copy n send your passwords etc.

I think this is a scaremongering report prob from an isheep fanboy!


Both iOS and Androids are flawed… these reports are to wake up users to secure them up before its late…

Any Software is susceptible to hacking… It all depends on how fast the defect is exploited :grin: