2 motion plus or full size Rave?

Just got a motion plus and love it but im really tryin to look into the soundcore rave!!! Know it says ya can pair 2 for stereo sound but just wondering if anyone has it and if so what ya think of it!?!?!?! Also is it compatible with the soundcore app like the motion plus???

It is on the app. You can see all the party speakers by going to app…speakers…then party.

I do not have but should get someone who does. You can also search for reviews and some will tell positive and negative of them as well

As of some time ago, Rave’s stock wasn’t high anywhere. But it could be fixed by now so maybe we’ll see some more reviews here and there about them. If I remember correctly, Rave is also much more expensive, less than 2 motion+ but that’s maybe another reason behind less reviews

@Pantera43 Hi, we appreciate that you are interested in our product. The Soundcore rave is a 160W party speaker with light performance, it supports microphone input and APP operation. But it’s only available to the US normally. Below are the main functions of the speaker:

1). This speaker is designed as a party speaker so you can take it out for a party. And you can connect the Soundcore Rave to other Soundcore Raves at the same time to create stereo sound.
2). There is a MIC IN port on the speaker and you can connect the microphone to MIC IN port and adjust the microphone volume by turning the MIC ECHO volume knob.
3). There are two USB ports and you can use these two ports to charge the phones. And one of the USB ports can transfer the audio which means it can play the music from the U-disk if you plug in a U-disk into it.
4). This speaker supports Multi-point which you can pair two Bluetooth devices with your speaker.
5). You can connect the speaker with the App on your phone and you can choose the light mode and EQ mode via the App on your phone.
6). You can turn on/off the Bass up function via the App on your phone.

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Thanks for info ive decided with more I use the motion plus ima grab another on the 39th… MEANT 30TH…THANK YOU DUANE FOR CORRECTION LOL when it goes on sale!! Pretty unreal the sound that comes from this speaker!!!

LOL. it will be a while as the 39th will never come. :wink:

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Duane lester you are very smart … and correct … but all us soundcore fans know I was talkin bout the 30th when the motion plus goes on sale lol

And man how did ya share just the part where I messed up and wrote the 39th instead of the 30th…???I gotta get with the times and figure out how to share links etc!! I feel better if I can save people money … especially as I follow this stuff pretty closely!!

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When you highlight someone’s text, it will give an option to quote. If you hit quote it will create or add it to a message

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