2 speakers instead of one?

Are there some of you having 2 speakers connected?

I got 2 FLAREs now.
Great performance.

Today I got back to my ZERO.
Of course a better sound of the giant instead of the dwarf.

I have a dream now : 2 ZEROs :smiley:


When I find a way to get a free zero, and then another one, I’ll let you know how two works out…

I am ordering two icon+ soon. It’s gonna be great!

Had two Flare’s from day one, excellent for audio on their own or video on the laptop (which has become more of their main use outside of holidays)…

Two Zeros, would be curious but then again my house is too small for so much volume :grin:

I wish I had a couple of zero’s in my bank balance. Preferably to the left of the . :joy::joy::joy:


I agree!! Lots of zeros in my bank account… just not where I want them!!

I can imagine two ZEROs will sound. :wink::wink::wink:

I see those zeros all around the world acting as politicians! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I had a set of Flares for a while but gave them away. They sounded great but I preferred my Boost for listening to music.

I am thinking about getting a second Soundcore Mini 2 so can have stereo when I travel or when works lets me have my speakers setup.

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Another idea would be two Icon mini.
A real confusion with such a lot of different models. :grinning:

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