250 Launch Party Prizes

Up for grabs we have iTunes gift cards, coupons, a mystery prize to be announced later this month, the entire Soundcore SWAG collection (below) and giveaway tickets! See the tables below for more info - click to zoom in.

Please Note:

  • Soundcore Coupons and swag are currently only available in the US;
  • iTunes Gift Cards and Giveaway Tickets are open to US, UK, DE, FR, IT and ES.

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There are some series prizes up toward the top! Thanks for this opportunity @Loz!

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T-shirt is not included in this post. :wink:

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Aww man if I dont win anything I wanna get the tshirt, water bottle, blanket and coffee mug. Those would be sweet to rock while I’m out and about, the gym or at work.

Welp, I envy those who end up in the top 10. I want to know what the Mystery Product is and waiting a month is going to be hard lol.


If you don’t win, you can just swap your Notes for the swag in the referral section, under “Exchange Notes”, check it out!

All will be revealed!

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Oh yea that’s what I plan on doing if I dont win

Party has Started :tada:

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Seriously! The top referrer get a $1000 iTunes gift card! :exploding_head:

Good luck everyone and welcome to the party!

It’s not about how many people you refer, it’s about getting the most points…

Ahhhh. Well then, let the challenge begin!

*Rolls up Sleeves :iphone:

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t shirt looks dope

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Yeah that swag pack could really fill out my review game - I could see that logo popping up in lots of review shots and vids :smiley:

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Quick question, How do you enter for this giveaway?

You’re automatically entered for Creating an account :grin:.

No ones really said anything About this mystery soundcore product… any speculations?

Perhaps liberty air 2?