250 Prize Winner Announcement

That’s strange. I’ll pass through to IT. Don’t worry we won’t send anything out before resolving an issue like that.

I’ll most likely do email to save time and money on delivery.

Yeahh number 18… but not from US, so no Swag Collection :frowning:

No worries @Loz , sorted now, thought I’d gone on the UK site but hit the US page…too early and not enough coffee :laughing:

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The snapshot is from yesterday. It says my current month (September) is at 270 but the contest says I had 170. But then in the October leaderboard says I’m at 100. That would mean I should have a total of 370… or a total of 270 for September and 0 for October.

The issue is being addressed


Everyone’s is wrong, and they know about and are looking into it.

It’s crazy! I’m thinking I’ll sit this month out

At least until the prizes are announced :joy:

Good approach :wink:

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Congratulations to all!

@Macblank I think you won a $50 coupon! Hope you and yours are feeling better.

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It looks like it… Sadly it’s USA only, so I’ve won nothing.

@loz, enjoy you time off, but as said previously, what good is 50 nicker, without being able to spend it?

Well done to those who nabbed the lib2 now that’s a prize I’d have loved.


you guys need to keep it low and let others make it to the top next month :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I haven’t even sent out the referral link this month. I’ve gotten like 7 this month, and it’s all just leak over from last month hehe

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Here is the solution for that…below is my referral link. re-send your referral email with this link and…problem solved !! :rofl:



Thanks for being selected and congrats to all of the other winners :blush:

Question, what is a Giveaway Ticket?

Also, my Level rating hasn’t transferred over to here @Loz

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Levels haven’t transferred over yet.

A giveaway ticket allows you to enter the weekly giveaway. It can be found on the referrals page

with Week long holiday in China, we can expect the roll-over to happen sometime Sunday evening or Monday

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Would’ve been better getting less points and getting giveaway tickets.

I’m in same boat as you as are others - can’t get coupon or swag. Maybe best if they filtered us out and gave the prizes to people who can use them.