250 Winner Prizes - Update

Hi Collective!

Quick update from me here on the status of the prizes for the 250 winners. See below.

iTunes Giftcards - Emailed out over a week ago.
Coupons and Giveaway Tickets - Added to the eligible profiles.
Liberty 2 Pro - Orders for the Top 10 winners uploaded today. If they’re not with you by the end of next week let me know.
SWAG - This is the only thing we’re now waiting on. There has been some delays in our US warehouse, so it’s looking more likely we’ll have this to you in December, but as always I’ll keep you guys in the loop.

If you’re missing something you think you should have received please message me directly and I’ll look into it for you.

Thanks again for all your patience - I know it’s been a long wait and you guys have been keen to get your hands on this awesome gear!



Thanks for the update, I dont mind waiting for anything provided I know what going on.

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Thanks for the update

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Thanks @loz for the update. Now everyone can relax knowing they are on the way.

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Thank you for the update sir. I can’t wait for the Swag pack to come in, but definitely will be watching the street for the delivery guy this week.

Thanks for the update, I am a patient person, I can wait.

Awesome. I can wait on the swag- I’m not that impatient…

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to seeing what everyone gets.

Thanks for the update.

One more Christmas present coming in december, all good.

Anyone get the liberty 2 pro yet? I guess mine should come today.

Ditto, I got my UPS shipping confirmation this morning saying it would be here today. Well both of them, one from this and one from the 24 hour contest.

Awesome. My mail just came (USPS) so I figured they weren’t coming today. But I guess they can still come via UPS

UPS doesn’t usually come until like 5pm though :joy:. I’m like the last house on the route.

I haven’t got a shipping confirmation yet. :sweat_smile:

Yeah mine always says later and then it comes hours earlier. Bad part is I have to leave for a couple of hours, but thankfully the UPS guy knows to put it by my side door always.

I don’t have any tracking information yet. My packages always come hours after the estimated time of delivery

Mine was just deleivered like an hour ago, hours early from the estimate lol. They always like to do that and I am never home to get it early.

Nice. I doubt I’ll get mine today since I haven’t even gotten a confirmation

I am bouncing around like a child right now. Thank you @Loz and everyone else at Soundcore!


@Loz mine haven’t showed up yet. Also no shipping confirmation yet.