250 Winner Prizes - Update

That’s weird you waited to get at least your first one since you won your around the same time I won mine. But glad you got them both…let us know if you have static noise.

I’m still waiting for mine from the 250 contest, but I guess everyone else is too. I can wait I have a bunch of others to hold me over, lol

@Loz I too have not received any notification on the prize …

They are moat likely sending them out in batches like they did with the other prizes

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Idk, he said to let him know if they didn’t show up by the end of the week.

Yeah mine I got the confirmation from this morning. I’m in Michigan and these came from Ohio, so super quick turn around on them from Amazon.

thanks for the update!

Yeah they were both sent out same time, which makes sense, easier to keep track and what not. So far so good on them though, I’ve been messing with them for about an hour now and no static from any genre. Honestly, they are the first pair of headphones/earbuds that I had to turn down from max volume because they were going to town on the songs (in a good way). I do like being able to mess with the EQ based on the genre or the Hear ID. You can see where I have been leaving it for the past 30 minutes lol.

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He said by the end of next week…not this week

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My bad :man_facepalming:.

Just found out that I got the Liberty 2 Pro in the post :truck: but I didn’t get a dispatch notification :thinking:

Thank you @Loz and the Soundcore Team :grinning:


Well that gives me hope that they will be delivered today still :smiley:.

Let us know what you think of them!

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Yay :heart_eyes: the L2P have been delivered, thanks @loz and the SC team :smile:

(Hermes were on par as usual, though this time they left it at my back door after a punt shot over the side gate :man_facepalming:…so they’ve survived a drop test I guess :laughing:)


Still haven’t seen the UPS truck on my doorbell… I still have hope as it’s only 2:15 though :crossed_fingers:.

No work today or something?

UPS just delivered mine, I didnt get any notice from soundcore but I did get a dispatch from ups notice.

Sadly, this pair just like my first one has the static noise. Ugh, its rather anoying because I contacted support for the first one and they are giving me a hard time since they were won. @Loz I get that these are prizes, but they really should still be supported under warranty at least because yall are aware of the static hissing noise and its still present in the ones I just got. which makes it 2 pairs that are rather uncomfortable to use due to the static noise…and yes, this is the reason I held off on doing my review on these

Sorry to hear they have the static @Tank …haven’t powered mine up yet but this is something I hope isn’t present…are yours marked up as a ‘Iteration 1’ model?

Is your static on your Liberty 2 Pro very noticeable?
On the pair I got today I can barely hear any static hissing noise.

@ndalby yes its marked iteration 1
@Thanuj_Fernando it is very noticeable, not as much as the first but still noticeable where its irritating when you try to listen to something


I am hopeful to hear soon :slight_smile:

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No earbuds today. Maybe tomorrow :crossed_fingers:

Likewise with mine being iteration 1, but neither pair has static noise at all. I gave my other pair to my co worker and asked her immediately if there was anything and she used them all day today with nothing but good sounds.