35H vs 7H playtime

Hi! Just got Life Note 3 XR earbuds. The case says “7-hour playtime (35 hours with charging case)” — what does that mean? I’d love to use the earbuds all day at work, a mix of video calls and music, for more than 7 hours if possible.

This is my first time with wireless earbuds that charge with a case. Sorry I’m sure this is very basic.

Thank you for any help.

Phil Martin, Washington, DC, USA


Playtime of earbuds is 7 hours. But you can charge earbuds few times by using case and extend playing time up to 35 hours


Hi :slightly_smiling_face:!
This means your earbuds should work for 7 hours when fully charged.
If you unload them and put them back in the charging case and charge them to 100%, they’ll work for another 7 hours. The battery in the case will last for 5 full charges 5x7 hours = 35 hours. Later the charging case will be discharged - you need to charge the charging case.
As soon as you open the new earbuds, you should charge the charging case to 100%. This allows you to extend the battery life.


All questions are welcome here no matter how basic or complicated they are.
Congrats and welcome to the world of wireless earbuds. like others have said the earbuds themselves will be able to play music for 7 hours on a single charge (this number isnt set in stone and is more for average use case. if you play music louder or quieter you may see differences in the time you get per charge) then using the charging case which holds it own charge (kind of like a portable charger for the earbuds essentially) you can recharge the buds multiple times to end up with a total of 35 hours of music (not including the time to recharge the buds in between) until both the earbuds and the case are dead.

For your case if you’re at work listening to music and video calls for more than 7 hours you might have to charge the earbuds in the case for a little. So if you take a break from music or listening to anything for a little just put them in the case so they will charge and be ready for you when you need them again.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask. Hope you are doing well and staying safe. Enjoy the earbuds!


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No need to be sorry for asking a question. The way I see it, the only bad question is the one you don’t ask. How else will you learn things you don’t know?

As @ktkundy mentioned, the playtime numbers are estimates (averages). If you play your music loud, with ANC on, etc it will have an impact on your runtime.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask. I’m sure people here will be happy to help! :+1:


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You are welcome here!

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You have a lot of good info.

You should be good with the averages as stated based on what others have said to watch out on.

Maybe two extra things. Depending on the earbuds, the right one may be the main and the left will get the signal from the right one. It may depend on the phone as well. So the right earbud may lose battery a little more.

The second thing is that most times you can get about an hour or two depending on the buds from a 5 to 10 min charge. If this seems like something you will need to do, you can always pair that with an activity that you may do and not interrupt your play time. ( such as going to restroom, talking to a coworker or a few others).

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So, maybe the more important question is…

How are you enjoying your first earbuds?

If you share along with some photos, that would be great!

And as many others have said, welcome!

For me, I usually only use one earbud at a time at work, so I can charge the other while I listen. That way I can get full 9 hours of use (when needed), knowing that each would contribute to that (6 hrs and 3 hrs for example).

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If you want to keep stereo then place both in case a few minutes when not needed. Every little helps. Chances are the odd 10 minutes will make 7 hours become all day.

Simpler is to go with mono and swap between using one left or right bud at a time with a bud recharging in case.

Combine these and you’re likely not going to find battery life an issue.

Personally I went with Q30 headphones, last more than a day between charges.