403 Forbidden access at times when saving comments

As I was making a comment this morning and about 40 min ago, I got a 403 forbidden access when I tried to save the comment.

This morning, I went to a different thread and saved another comment and went back to the other thread and it then let me save those comment.

This afternoon one, it would not save the comments either, It did end up letting me save it only after I took one of the two people that I had tagged in the comments out of the comments. Once I save it, I was able to put that person back in.

I am just wondering if others have had this issue as well.

I too have had this before. Often happens when I try to tag both you and Techman in one comment it just has issues. Not sure why but usually either removing one person or removing them and putting them back often fixes the problem for me.


Old error, never got fixed.
So stay with it!
There are many more severe problems on our little world!

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Can’t say I’ve encountered it so far (or in the past) but I’m not posting as much as some recently…happening in more than one browser?

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It happened for a few days ago for a few minutes.

It happens!

Hasn’t happened yet for me

I’ve hit it a few times here, mostly in the past but once or twice in the last week. It usually goes away after a second or third attempt.

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