504 timeout errors - how many suffering?

I’ve put it in a PM and email so no avoidance of doubt it’s reported hence known

So far I’ve not seen any known about is being worked on, so that might be as not known.


There are thread already opened :smiley:

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Huh? I searched first.

I’m getting the 504 - Bad Gateway error as well.


It’s so slow. And error message sometimes

Ok we’re in 3 different AWS regions so we reduce its not location specific.

Here it’s not every post but here is about as bad as Anker community was a few weeks ago and now there is highly unusable today so we should raise profile.

504 error implies the backend server is overloading as the reverse proxy is complaining.

There is a high load of new users, a couple a minute right now, and there was a bot making new users earlier (not now) which could collectively cause a DDoS whenever they chose to.


I have had issues on and off, both here and at anker. Maybe we were discussing this over at the anker forums recently, and that is why @Chiquinho was confused? I can’t keep track either.

It loaded fine just now, but it is about 50/50 on whether it will load quickly, or very slowly. Not at all happens occasionally, usually a refresh gets it to load slowly.

Edit to add: got a 504 error while posting this, but it did post successfully. I was then left in my draft, plus the post being up. That has been fairly common here for a while.

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Yes identical error as appeared earlier and now at other community. It says error but actually posted so I have to cancel to not make duplicate.

The back end server is busy, time to move to a bigger AWS instance, or up the autoscale limit.

I checked how many new users here, it is a worrying sign… 300K users added in a couple of months, many are bots. Fact this and the other community suffer at same time means they are sharing servers, meaning we’re not far off the admin ignoring the problem and both down.

Burden is on us to bring attention, then on them acting.

I have noticed this site being painfully slow…

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I think this is the thread he is talking about. Regardless of what thread the issue is getting annoying

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Ok but 504 is a very specific problem, it’s the reverse proxy server complaining the server is slow.

The reverse proxy caches the read-only so the server can’t be taken down by site busy with reads. Matches the nature of the error that when you post it’s a write, the DB is updated then the reverse proxy caches the updated page from the DB, and that is then slow. Therefore the issue is the server is slow.

As the quantity of posts is low, it’s not traffic related, it’s the backend server configuration, like the amount of memory for running the DB.

The lack of “we know, we’re working on it” reply is what’s driving this thread and my PM and my email.

I noticed it a month ago and PM 11 days ago.

The bots issue I mentioned 3 months ago

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Agreed it is a very specific problem and I have no issue with there being another thread I was just sharing what I thought @Chiquinho was referring to when he said there already was a thread.

The lack of espouse does concern me especially since admins are more active here than on Soundcore. Hopefully they will answer soon even if it’s in the Monday core update telling us they are aware and working to solve it. The longer they wait the worse it will probably get and eventually people will stop coming here if it’s too much of a struggle for the page to load and them to be able to reply

Also congrats on making it to be 100 since your birthday passed on April 1st :joy::joy::joy:

There are more “crew” here which are higher privileged user accounts, but they aren’t admin of the servers. I don’t know who they are.

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True but one would hope the crew would report the problem to higher up
Guess time will tell if this gets solved or not


I am sure the “staff” here knows the admins.
So they could forward that issue.
But may be they don’t care about the performance.
May be they dont even read all the threads here.
I dont also.:joy:

That’s why you also PM because reading all messages is a moderator task.

Our role is raise profile and show its not a few users.

See what happened today on my smartphone (this is not a photomontage) :joy::

  1. @Craig_Paterson created thread: Photo Of the Week :joy:
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Not fully understanding, but I’d suggest put in a PM and/or email marketing@soundcore.com

When we see a “we know” reply we can stop letting them know, then give them space to fix.

May involve an outage, so tolerance, respect, understanding, as always.

Right now it appears the PM I sent isnt being read, so may be a PM error, so suggest email as an alternative path. Maybe the bug is not letting PM work so also email.

Keep attempting to inform, so the burden of proof is met.

Sean wrote me I should write a pm to a staff member.
There are “many” staff members. :roll_eyes:
I wrote a pm to Pei (ANKER).
May be he cares about.
At soundcourse its even worse.
I have to log in every time I use the forum.
Will not use often in the future. Boring!