9 Reasons Audio Glasses Make Your Life Easier

Audio glasses are cool, but they’re not exactly the most conventional way of listening to music. I’m pretty sure a lot of people are thinking, “Why wouldn’t you just buy a pair of true wireless earbuds or a Bluetooth speaker?”

You could…

But, where’s the fun in that? After testing Soundcore Frames audio glasses out for ourselves, we discovered that there are plenty of seriously cool ways to listen to music. :musical_note:

Life Hack #1 - Soundcore Frames are Perfect for Dog Walks
Nothing beats a long walk when you want to get some fresh air, stretch your legs, and enjoy some quality time with your favorite 4-legged friend. While it’s nice to listen to music or a podcast, use Soundcore Frames instead of headphones to make sure you’re always aware of what mischief your dog’s getting up to. Plus, they double as sunglasses!

Life Hack #2 - Soundcore Frames Immerse You in Surround Sound
With Soundcore Frames’ OpenSurround system, you can feel your favorite tunes fill the space around your ears. Warning: You may get so immersed in the sound that you start spontaneously dancing:

Life Hack #3 - Be Sociable When Out with Friends
You’re at the beach with friends and you want to sunbathe and listen to music, but putting on headphones is going to look rude. What should you do? Put on a pair of Soundcore Frames of course! You can enjoy your music without making it look like you’re ignoring everyone!

Life Hack #4 - Protect Your Eyes from the Sun
We’re staying outside for this one because Soundcore Frames sunglasses styles have polarized lenses which block up to 99% of UVA/B rays.

Life Hack #5 - Protect Your Eyes from Screens
We’re all aware of how staring at screens from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep is bad for our eyes. To help reduce fatigue when you’re working on your laptop or scrolling on your phone, switch to one of Soundcore Frames’ blue-light filtering styles.

Life Hack #6 - Show Off Your Style
Unlike most audio glasses out there, Soundcore Frames have 10 different styles to choose from, so you can switch between frames based on your outfits, mood, location, and more:

Life Hack #7 - Audio Glasses are Perfect for Traveling
Combining sunglasses and headphones = one less thing to pack! Tell me that’s not ideal for when you’re traveling light or you don’t want to take a bag out with you.

Life Hack #8 - Audio Glasses are Ideal for Work
Picture this, you’re busy working on a project and suddenly your coworker pops up by your side wanting to chat about something “really, really urgent.” Just tell Soundcore Frames audio glasses to “Pause music,” chat to your coworker, and then “Resume music” without lifting a finger.

Life Hack #9 - Audio Glasses Break the Ice
Awkward silence on a date? Party a little lame? There’s still a bunch of people out there who don’t know what audio glasses are, so spread the word!

Do you have any more audio glasses life hacks to add to our list? Make sure you share them in the comments below!


Life Hack 10 - don’t miss your flight
When sat at airport you can be watching and listening to a film while not missing the gate change or early boarding.

Life Hack 11 - be safe
When walking or biking, can listen to sounds and not block your ambient hearing.


Gaming–A lot of gamers use the Blue light filtered glasses as part of life hack 5. Plus those are better to wear indoors :slight_smile:

Driving–I like the ability to be able to drive and still able to respond to my wife as needed. I was driving late at night and it would have been nice to have with the blue filtered lens and to be able to play tunes as I drove as my family was asleep.

Sharing is caring—Best hack is to be able to share with significant other such as your wife. With the 10 styles, I could see me wearing one style and my wife could swap out for a front frame that she likes.


I am noticing now the Frames showing as in stock next-day in UK.

Looking forward to some real users independent reviews. I’m sure those waiting for prescription lens stories are keen to see and hear more (pun)

I am not seeing all 10 lens options yet, only Tour, Landmark, Wander, Cafe


You will look cool in those :sunglasses:


:thinking:With such an unknown, modern gadget you can charm a girl or even a wife.:smiley:
“Talking glasses” - this is impressive :astonished:.


I know and remember there are much better things for this! :rofl:

Those are some awesome life hacks! I would add that they’re comfortable and you’re not having to stick anything in your ears! :wink:


The in-stock emails out

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Thanks for sharing @Hannah. I’ve been following the release with interest. :+1:


So have I. Expecting first owner thread soon. Probably UK before USA as stock seemed earlier.

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You know the funny thing is that I recently go a Frame email and it came from soindcore UK.

I would have thought it would have been from the US not UK

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But massive question lol , does anyone here actually wear glasses lol, can we put prescription lenses in the frames it seems logical m

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Discussed a few times already e.g.

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YES absolutely me 2 !!! The cafe frames !, I’d love to know the lense dimensions also

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There was some dimensions given

For Amazon, we haven’t list all.

All set will be found in our official web


Love this @Hannah! Thanks for sharing!

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