A Closer Look at PowerConf

Just last week I gave you guys a sneak peek at what’s coming up in 2020, which also covered off some of what we displayed at CES.

Well, our PR team sent through the below clip, which shows WKYC television station taking an even closer look at PowerConf.

Leave a comment down below if you could see yourself using one of these.

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I don’t think I need this one. Probably because I don’t do conference calls very often :joy:

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I feel you. Defo a very specific audience for this.

I join conference calls from home on Soundcore Nano or Icon Mini… But will keep an eye for PowerConf.

Soundcore should definitely look into including a SIP line on PowerConf.

Thank you @Loz For sharing with us!

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Any closer looks on the docks? I may be able to talk my company into 1 or 2 confs, but the docks we have well over 100 and IT guys I showed the dock to today are interested as a Dell replacement for future docks.

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Not atm I’m afraid.

A coworker has a similar product from a bigger name competitor - maybe Jabra? I could definitely see using this for on the go conference calls, cell phone speakers are not enough at times.

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I could see my supervisor potentially using it when she works from home and I could see a few of my former coworker who work for a different company using it as they are not restricted to a work building For me, I have do not get to work from home. :frowning:


How does this differentiate from a Soundcore Nano / Icon Mini or a Flare Mini, all of which I have tested for conference call, and have provided excellent results, and still continue to use.

I thought it was $129.99? Website now says $149.99…

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Cool item and should be helpful for businesses. Most companies use products from companies they are familiar with. Lots of targeted marketing is needed :slight_smile:

I don’t do conference calls so it won’t work for me.

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yes it was stated for $129.99

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I couldn’t find the captions/subtitles for the video?

I also think, it’s a closed b2b type sale that not even those who want/need one would expect to find in Walmart next to Bluetooth speakers and powerbanks.

This is definitely a thing for Viking/haymans (other business supply companies) to sell and push from.

The idea is great.

I used to work in a call center, and would get reps for companies from all over. Often there’d be some admin person running.around the business looking for a.conference caller for the guest.

I can see reps loving this (I don’t mean the little guys, as it’s conference meeting oriented and I don’t see that person needing).

I see the price settle at $100/99 which will attract a.lot.more sales. There’s something about crossing the $100 mark, that puts people off, I don’t mean 150 as that a separate thing.

People will see 129, as 150 or least think… That’s almost 150!

Just my thought.

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Been a few years since I used an actual conferencing speaker as my normal BT variations have always been more than adequate for days when I have to dial into team Skype meetings, seems interesting non the less…wouldn’t mind trying at some stage to see if anyone at the other end notices any difference :grin:

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Updated thought.

These days with Alexa type speakers using multiple microphones, that hd omnidirectiomal mics are coming down in price.

Also the tech for picking up sound n improving quality is coming down, due to use being much greater.

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We just bought Logitech conf system for our mini conf room. The big plus with that is it comes with a camera for video conf and USB cable so people just plug in when join and not to waste time finding the bluetooth (overtime BT may be faster but I have to show few ppl)
PowerConf could be a nice add-on for the office desk as the built-in speaker of desk phone or a cell phone is not great. But need to convince ppl to spend extra $150 to have that luxury.

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@galaxy.zhang a question for you!

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Hi,Maybe you thought Icon Mini is good enough for conference call. However,if you try PowerConf,you will experience the total different feeling on the clear voice pick up and NC function. This product would help you better join any kinds of conference call. That’s wonderful… :smiley:


Thanks Galaxy! (our brand manager for speakers).

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