A couple of issues with Life P2

Any assistance with this would be great.

I ordered Life P2 wireless earbuds from Amazon and received them yesterday. There are two issues that I am facing and I cannot seem to find a way to get them resolved.

I have NOT been able to pair them with my Panasonic desk phone which supports Bluetooth. The phone is model Panasonic kx-tg585sk. My older Bluetooth headset pairs just fine with no issues.

I HAVE been able to pair the Life P2 wireless earbuds with my work laptop. My intent is to use the Life P2 for online Skype for Business calls and online sessions. But, the individuals on the other end comment that they can barely hear me. I have turned up the microphone gain in Skype to the maximum. My laptop is an HP running Windows 10.

Eventually I would like to pair the left earbud with my desk phone and the right on with my laptop. But, I need to get the above addressed first.


I believe that @Tank and @Macblank have these earbuds…

Is your phone Bluetooth 5?
If not, it won’t pair.

If it’s Bluetooth 5 it’s fine t ifit 4,2 it won’t work

You are incorrect on this point.

For example, my phone is BT 5.0, but I can connect with 4.2 devices like the flare. I can also connect the flare to older devices like the iPhone 4- which doesn’t even support BT 4.2

Do you happen to know how to reset the device? That can also help with BT connection issues.

bt 5.0: there is always a downward compatibility
The built in chips know how to handle older protocols.
If not so it would be the biggest confusion than ever!

First you can try these instructions to get it to pair to your phone…but these do not have a HSP profile so I dont think they will work for that, but try and let us know

As for Skype, try opening the volume mixer when in a Skype call and adjust it then. Doing so before doesnt always hold true when in a Skype call as it blocks the settings for itself…that’s according to what I read on Microsoft site. I dont use skype so I can only read and speculate.

Ok, I thought you could only use 5 if.you had 5.

I thought if youre higher than the version it’s ok, but not if the other is lower.

And that is why I was never in technical support! Oh wait… I was! But was only for the MOD maps department. It’s ok, I just cleared printer backlogs, and ghosted new desktops and then installed the new machine. I could replace parts, but not know why they were broken! lol