A famous Brasilian female composer

Do you know that Chiquinha (not my sister) :laughing: ,
that Chiquinha Gonzaga,
her full name was
Francisca Edwiges Neves Gonzaga (born 18. Okt 1847 and died 18. Feb. 1935 in Rio de Janeiro)
was a very famous brasilian composer?


She was famous for here piano pieces.
I would call these “saloon music”).
There is a lot of influence from Brasilian and south american folk music to be found in her compositions.

Listen :

There is more to be found on YT.

Of course she is very famous in Brasil.

May be you like here “musica” the same way I do.

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I could see how this would be considered saloon music, very peppy and bouncy if you will.

I could see this on one of those classic saloon pianos, with the metal drums that plucked the strings as it rotated, making the musics… a player piano I think they are called.


You have to know in those days all “higher class” families over the world had a piano in their living.
And there was always a person who could play it.
When there was a fest the only source for music was such one.
Those mechanical pianos were rare ones, because expensive.

There were many piano factories in many cities.
Small ones, large and important ones.
So only a few “survived”
On stage we see only Bösendorfer and Steinway today.

And today?
Speakers and earbuds! :laughing:

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Thanks for sharing. I’ll check it out shortly. :+1: