A few suggestions from a new user

I only joined 4 days ago but here are a few suggestions that I wish the community / the Collective had! :thinking:

  1. I would like a weekly thread like “What did you buy this week?” or something like that where people can share what they bought or what they’re planning to buy. It would also be a nice place for people to share what they think about their purchase, etc.

  2. I would like a daily or weekly thread like “What’s on your mind today / this week?” or “What did you do today / this week?” It would be for random off topic stuff where we can all share: “oh, this week I watched Dune on IMAX” or “I binge watched all of The Queen’s Gambit today!”

  3. I would like to see a weekly thread like “What did you listen to / discover this week?” I feel like we mostly bought these products to listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. It would be a fun place for people to even discover new stuff.

  4. Can we have a thread where we list all the Soundcore products we currently own or something? And maybe with that a little blurb about what we think about that product?

I’ll probably have more suggestions in the future but this is all I can think of for now. :blush:

  1. Most people that come here if they buy something will post a review or and unboxing thread.

  2. The soundcore community use to be more open and have random discussions and threads like you mentioned but it became kinda of spammy. So it was refocused to discuss soundcore products and music.

  3. They used to do a weekly thread called New music fridays, but they stopped doing it months ago, people just post interesting songs or articles that they find.

  4. Having a thread listing would people owned or had could be cool. A couple people including me have the products listed in there bio.


If you want to do this and learn more about other forumners,
you should move to ANKER’s forum.
It’s not so crowded as here, because there are no “gifts”, but this doesn’t matter for the few there.
We talk about many other things and it never became “spammy” :grinning:

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I totally agree that this community should be directed towards Soundcore but I just want some more discussions and fun stuff that makes people want to visit here daily or every couple of days and comment.

I mean, some of the threads over on Music is kind of spammy and can fit in one gigantic thread. It’s Bryan Adams birthday? Great! A new Green Day song? Okay. :sweat_smile:

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No one is making anyone read threads they are not interested in. If you’re not interested in a thread, just keep on scrolling by it. :sweat_smile:


I agree with @Steve976. :thinking: If something doesn’t interest me, I just don’t read it. I cannot imagine reading about music in one gigantic thread. It’s a waste of time. I want to read exactly what interests me, and not look for something in a thread with dozens of posts :slightly_smiling_face:.