A gift from from me to 4 of you

I have 4 redbox rental codes that I won from a Burger King Christmas contest. They just came and expired on 2/29.
Since I had won the Apple gc, I do not have any need for these or better yet do not have anything I want to watch that I do not have. Let me know of you want one. First come first served.


I am putting all the codes in the below hidden texts. I am adding a poll so that if did get one, it will let others know that it was taken and/or you can put it in the comments of the one that you took.

  • Code 1
  • Code 2
  • Code 3
  • Code 4
  • Code 5

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Code 1
  1. D8DE3WPN
Code 2
  1. C6F52HK3
Code 3
  1. 8LPUNLQ7
Code 4
  1. W3CS7FWU
Code 5
  1. 9PQX3YTE

Enjoy if you want them. As stated they end around the 29th of this month.

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Seems like something @Macblank would enjoy :wink:

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I am sure there are many Kings would like to get a Burger.:wink:

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@TechMan. I will put one back for @Macblank.


@Duane_Lester and @TechMan

Thanks guys for thinking of me. I don’t actually watch that many films, plus I have netflix, which allows me older films… Only film I’d HAVE to watch would be the next bond installment.

Thanks muchly for thinking.of.me :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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So you do no need it ??? lol

You could check out knives out which I believe is in redbox now. It has REALLY high ratings.

No I don’t, but thanks.

are these for the uk?

and anyone if so save 1 for me! thanks

Here is info below code. I will send you the code in a message. I assume it should work. If not let me know. I live in the US. Hope it works for you.

Code good for 1-Night DVD/Blu-ray rental at a Redbox kiosk. Code expires 2/29/2020 at 11:59:59 pm. Valid for stated discount off the fee for a one (1) night rental of a disc. One (1) use, (1) code per transaction. You must have a credit or payment card, in order to rent. Your card will be charged the balance of the nightly rental fee for the disc and the full nightly rental fee for additional discs and tax (except where tax is not charged) for the first rental night. You will be charged the full nightly rental fee and tax for any additional nights you keep each disc. Cannot be combined with other offers, prior rentals or redeemed for cash. Terms may be cancelled/changed at any time. Void where prohibited. Rentals are subject to terms at: www.redbox.com/terms and www.redbox.com/rentalterms

so is this for renting 1 film?

Yes. see info on the rental info. code sent to your messages

Can these codes be used online? If yes - please consider me , if there are any left :sweat_smile::crossed_fingers:

I eWasted my BluRay / Dvd players couple of years back, and laptops no longer have the Dvd/ BluRay readers :frowning:

I put the info in a post that came with it. I can send one and you can try.

Code sent in message. Hope it works for you on a digital rental

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Thank you, will give it a try :+1:

Thanks again!!

i wont use mine just gift mine to some1 else. thanks anyway

Technically I do have a DVD player connected to my TV - the XBox has one in it. It has never been used, and my Roku is pretty great. Going out and getting a physical disc to get my entertainment feels so 2000s.

But thanks for the offer.

Thanks for sharing @Duane_Lester but I don’t need it. Hope somebody can use it.