A little request of mine

Could the designers of the website alter that “magnifier” which indicates the search function.
Many dont find it.
And its really difficult to make this out as the “search function”.

Would be much better to show a text icon or something like that

Thank you!


Worthwhile raising, which I agree, that noobs are insufficiently bothering to search and we should make it easier to search.



Or more true


Someone has to want to use search and want to use it effectively. You cannot alter that by any size of a search logo.

Some alternative approaches:

  • don’t let new members create threads, so they have to search for a thread to reply within.
  • force a matching existing thread to be shown as they type their new subject.
  • don’t let a new thread not be attached to (ideally) a product or (at least) product family.

I do myself try to minimise new threads and I try to help users rather than a copy paste pointing to official support.

there just needs to be a field with “search” written in it. can still have magnifier like in this photo


Of course it can be done this way, because its really hard to make out that this “circle with a line”
is a magnifier. symbol.
This needs a lot of imagination, which many seem not to have. :laughing:

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Would not help at all.:grin:

I tried to trigger it for a screenshot but wasn’t working.

A new thread forces a search to the side where existing matching threads shows.

I am not against a new user having a new thread explicitly as that would be a barrier to users, as bad as the Leaderboard does already. I am advocating the interface does a matching existing thread , as well as doing a better job at forcing explicit product name.

This is all up to the admin to understand, agree, act. But as “change begins from within” I try to point to a search result rather than point to search, to teach to use search.

Search works best when least overlap and fewest threads, so squishing new threads is critical to best support and search to function best.