A new competitor has arrived

MPOW’s latest speaker has similar features to the Flare 2

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They even called it PartyCast mode… and most of the specs are similar except for the light show.

I don’t see any signs partycast is some sort of bluetooth standard, so is this straight copying?


Where did it say partycast?

PARTY SPEAKERS:Deliver the same song up to 100 Soundhot R9 speakers with PartyCast mode. Sync up with all of your friends at a big party and dance to the same beat.

This definitely is a knockoff with a little bit of deniability.


I prefer the Flare 2 name instead tbh :joy:. Also the Soundhot R9 looks weird with a slight bulge in the center and narrow ends

Maybe the flare 2 will get a discount to compete with MPOWs price

Guess they were too cheap to include the same LED lights the Flare 2 has lol

Wow I can’t believe they even copied the name

I had a look, but late to market and lacking some other key features like

  • bass boost
  • custom app
  • seductive led lighting (ok a stretch on being led :flushed:)
  • less W

Sorry I’ll take flare 2 FTW… thx

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