A New Era In Sound: Event Recap

Wow! I don’t know about you guys, but what a night!? :boom:

A lot went down, so let’s take a quick look back at everything that happened.

Spirit 2 Series Announcement by @christie_chen

Christie took us through the brand new Spirit series - your best gym companion.

Three new products were announced for the new series, including Spirit 2, Spirit Dot 2 and Spirit X 2, all featuring our patented BASSUP technology and USB-C fast charging, as well as giving you a choice of wired, wireless and hooked options. A bit of something for everyone! Which was your favourite?

Spirit X 2 also saw the reveal of our all new BassTurbo technology!

As Christie mentioned, “we placed a uniquely designed resonant chamber behind the driver for enormous, yet tight bass performance”. Can’t wait to hear the difference this makes!

Liberty 2 Series Announcement by @christie_chen

Next, Christie revealed two of the products from the new Liberty 2 range: Liberty 2 and Liberty Air 2.

These two products also showed off our all new diamond coated drivers, “but what difference does that make?” I hear you ask. Well ask and ye shall receive…

These diamond coated drivers provide a greater frequency bandwidth, allowing you to hear more. More details, more breadth of sound, more audio how it was supposed to be heard.

Following this, Christie took us through our all new HearID technology.

Each of your ears are different, i.e. their ability to hear different sounds at different frequencies is not equal. So, using the Soundcore app, HearID will analyse your hearing in both ears and then adjust the audio levels in each earbud based on those results! The entire idea stemmed from hearing aids (although this is in no way designed to be a hearing aid).

The Challenges of Audio Engineering by Krish Sharma

Then, in our build up to the hero product reveal, we had Krish Sharma - one of the Grammy Award Winning Audio Engineers and CEO of BYG Music - come up and walk us through the challenges of audio engineering and reflecting “real sound”.

He finished up by saying that, as consumers, we’ve taken a hit over the years because devices have become smaller and more convenient, but lost their audio quality in the process.

Enter Liberty 2 Pro - our mystery hero product!

Liberty 2 Pro Unveil by @rock.gao

General Manager of Headphones, Rock, unveiled the hero mystery product of the evening, Liberty 2 Pro (we can finally say the name!!). We’re keen to hear your thoughts on this unveiling especially, so make sure you leave your feedback down below.

He started by thanking the 10 Grammy Award Winning Audio Producers that helped us along the journey to perfecting a natural and authentic sounding true wireless earbud (we’ll be hearing more from these guys later).

Astria Coaxial Audio Architecture (ACAA)

ACAA is the technology that underpins Liberty 2 Pro, but rather than explain it myself, let’s watch the video back.

Liberty 2 Pro

Besides ACAA, Liberty 2 Pro features an abundance of other technologies shown below, but which was your favorite? And what did you think of Liberty 2 Pro? Did it live up to the hype? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

The Liberty 2 Pro is available for pre-order right now with a limited-time pre-order discount, so be sure to pick yours up before it’s too late. Click here for more.

It was an incredible night! A big thanks from all of us here at Soundcore to you guys for tuning in and helping to make it special.

You can see the live stream in full below - just skip forward to 23mins and 30secs.



This is awesome! The liberty dot have diamond coated drivers as well- but you didn’t mention it.

Now I have to see if I can cough up 100 big ones for those earbuds :joy:.


Thanks for sharing, great event!

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Thats what I say since a long time!
I remember have been checked by an ENT phycisian long time ago.
One ear is weaker than the other,
This anomaly occurs often.
So this individual adjustment is really fantastic!


The event was amazing it showed all the great products and features Soundcore has to offer. :tada:

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@loz first video link isn’t working

Definitely some really cool stuff coming from Soundcore, I would really like to get a pair of the spirit X2s to review. Being someone that is active and likes to work out I am curious how well they would hold up against me.


They look nice. With your notes they should help in getting a coupon. Although I would wait til after this month thought.

:man_shrugging:. Who knows what the mystery product will be, or if I’ll even get one. Sad I can’t use the $100 coupon until after the $100 sale ends :roll_eyes:.

If I could, I could use all my notes to get the liberty 2 pro :man_shrugging:

I know right!

Guys the mystery product was the Liberty 2 Pro (i.e. the hero product) - sorry that wasn’t clearer!


Does it work now?

All good :+1:

This needs to be said always and always (pray mill) :smiley:

The Mystery Product is the Liberty 2 Pro :smiley::open_mouth::tada:

:tada: I hope I’m in the top ten!

Aw man I really hope I can stay in the top 10 now. J really want those earbuds.
But I did spend my notes on a coupon that I wont even be able to use now, guess I should have waited to see what was what. I just didnt want to miss out on them selling out

That is one I wanted to ask about because I went back to see what the mystery product was and didn’t get a clear indication of it. I guess because it wasn’t a real mystery for us here that it was something I thought was just a known thing lol

Well now I have to go get more referrals