A New Era In Sound: Event Recap

What gracious feedback. Thank you.

+1 for We The North I’m in for testing as well in Canada :+1:

I’m gonna need it

Do the Liberty 2 Pro buds have the feature where you can use only one ear if the other is left in the case? I saw it mentioned as an Air 2 feature but have not seen it mentioned on the pros as of yet.

Yes they have that feature. Any buds that have “mono” advertised have that feature

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Perfect, thank for the info, much appreciated!

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Foe the record I was only 40 points behind!

Order my Liberty 2 Pro on early bird price can not wait to give them ago :grin:

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Awesome! I hope you leave a review!

Cant wait to try these!!!

Also thanks for the recap, I missed the whole thing.

Hi. I understand that the Liberty 2 Pro are IPX4 certified. Can you please explain why? It seems that other earbuds from your brand that are cheaper and with lower level of specs are with higher IPX rating. Even the regular Liberty 2 seems to have higher IPX then the Pro! I wish you were more consistent with that because the Liberty 2 Pro looks awesome, and I don’t want them to be ruined just because I am going with them to the gym or for getting a random splash of water.

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IPX4 rating

Splash resistant. The equipment has been splashed from all angles for at least 5 minutes at water pressure of 80–100 kN/m^2. Basically, this can handle being rained on, but if you drop it in a stream or overboard, there’s a good chance your gear won’t be working for a while, if ever

You should be fine from sweating

Please do not extend that notion as 100% accurate. Sweat causes corrosion and in turn damages circuitry, hence why they started offering sweatguard in addition to ipx rating. These being ipx4, means they can withstand some water and sweat, but must be wiped down after use otherwise you risk the corrosion happening and setting in.


Thank you. Understood. Just don’t understand why the IPX couldn’t be higher on the premium model while Soundcore have less premium models with a higher IPX level…

I agree, my liberty air (original) have IPX7, which is way better. Definitely an area that these buds are lacking

I did ask them this Here but I never got a response

Sweat :

99% water,
some salt,
uric acid,
amino acid,
fatty acid,
lactic acid,
ascorbic acid.

What a mixture! :smiley:

vb_puke grossness

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