A nice medley of well known film music

Of course there are some missing.

Any suggestions?

Here is one of mine.


Some absolute classics in there! Thanks for sharing this medley!

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You have some ideas what we can add?
I know some, but I don’t want to be the only one :slight_smile:

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Nice. Thanks for sharing. I’ll try to add a few later!

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Oh yes do it please, this could be an interesting thread, because there are so many good compositions.

Here is one not many will know,

This film is a highlight in moviemaking.

I’ll see if I can share some tomorrow.

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And may be we can talk about the film too. :grinning:

Movies and music were always closely linked.
Started in the early beginning of film :
The era of the silent films.
Often a piano player was engaged to accentuate the action of the movie.
Sometimes the accompaniment was really composed by a “composer”, quasi a “Partitur”.

When the sound film was invented the movie ćombined with music was a really must.
And of course if the soundtrack of a film gets famous its a great source to make money with.

When I think about the music Stanley Kubrick (RIP) used in his films I believe it helped to bring classical music more close to people weren’t so aren’t familiar with.

Thank you Stanley and of course Johann :grin: for this unbelievable Masterwork!

This is one of the best movies ever made.
And please note the movie is from 1968, no computer animations possible.

Here’s another good one…


I remember the wagon race. This is s agreat scene!

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A little bit of humor is needed in these hard days!