A quite unknown symphony

I am sure many of yours know George Bizet’s masterpiece : Carmen
But here is another masterpiece he composed when 17 years old.
It was in 1855 but the first performance was in 1935.


Appreciate it.

It got me thinking of how many from nowadays will ever get as good as we keep moving away from classical music.

Some may succeed due to movies needing iconic music

We never should forget classical music.
And I am sure we never will.
How many of these so called stars of today only are known for a short time and are totally forgotten after.
These are not worth to get mentioned at all.

Thank you for continuing to share these classical pieces. I’m learning more and enjoying listening to a genre that I had never really considered before.

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Very nice. Thanks for sharing! :+1:

Of course I will continue,
If there are some who like.:grin:


Bring it on @Chiquinho. :slight_smile:

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If you want me to do I will of course.:wink:

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Yes please. Keep them coming!

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