A two for one bundle (amazon renewed


Interested deal for a Life 2 and q20 bundle. I am not totally sure how well the deal will be money wise

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Hmmm interesting bundle thanks for sharing

Interesting. Never seen a deal like that. They must be clearing out their renewed products.

Nice find!

I think no for those two products at that price, at least for me. I am not as sure about the Life 2, but the Q20s have been upstaged by the Q30s in almost every way now that the mic is fixed, so I wouldn’t be looking for those anymore.

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Hmm interesting bundle but wonder if it really is worth $80. $40 a piece seems a little high for renewed set especially since Life 2 is about 3 years old now and Q20 is about 1 or so year old

Yea Life 2 might actually have worse ANC than Q20 based on the video put out by Fast Unboxer so $80 is much higher than I would like to pay as well. Plus why not buy Q30 for that price or pair of Q10 at $30 each when they go on sale (which is quite often)

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Feel similar… Well I have not started on any headphone collection yet so a little lack of headphone prices. :rofl: ( and did not verify the prices as it may not have been a good deal).

I guess my oldest has kept me out of stock on headphones or cracked headphones lol.
My oldest tends to be rough on his and will snarf any that he can. I had Beats Solo and he grabbed them (I did not like the how the headphones hurt my ears so real fowl on that one) He wore the earpads out and broke the cord and gave them back LOL. He got the Beat 2’s and had them until he was jumping around the house and broke the band and the audio wire. It just so happen I had just bought the wireless beat 3 last Christmas but forgot why I gave him the Beat Solo’s. LOL

I guess you can say I missed out on getting other Christmas present since he crack them and then takes mine. I did make him pay for the Beat 3 by paying me 20 and giving me his broke set. I used the 20 to fix the Beat Solo :wink: and thought I could fix the beat 2 but it is not happening. I will throw them away after Christmas. I guess you can throw in a pair of Turtle Beach gaming head too that he cracked slightly.

I donated the Beat Solo to my father in law as they would have just set. Oh well, I guess you can say I have a way of dealing with cracked headphones.

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I have upgraded a number of people’s listening experience in the last year, thanks largely to this site. But my son who is the hardest on things still gets cheap corded plug in headsets when he needs something. And he kills them, but I don’t care so much.

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