A way of selling to Brazil

Unfortunately anker has not yet arrived in Brazil as a logistics company. However, the global sale on the Anker website would be great…

Ola Jean, tudo bem?

What about Amazon.com.br ?

Você podia comprar quase todos os modelos la. :laughing:
Um abraco

Muito pouca coisa! Já entrei na Amazon e a conheço!
Estou falando de, Motion Boom Plus, Soundcore Rave, Soundcore Mega, Rave Mini etc…

Não tem la?
Que pena,
amazon.de também não ha Rave mini.
Talvez esgotado, não sei.

Não tem esses modelos, entre outros! A Anker precisa seguir a mesma proposta da Earfun que tem venda global no site…

Podias escrever um mensagem.

But write in English, please! :grin:


Um milagre?

No, but here all normally speak an write English.
But I like to write in Portuguese, though I am not Portuguese.
The others will not understand us.:laughing:.

obvious! I answered in Portuguese because you answered me in Portuguese! :sweat_smile:

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I love to write and speak Portuguese. :smile:

And it’s not often there is someone showing up from Brazil. in this forum
So ,what about “musica brasiliera”?

I tried some introduction ( demonstration of very special brazilian instruments)

But of course I dont know much about the actual music in Brazil.
You can give us some examples, here, by starting a special thread.

Mais uma vez “bem-vindo” aqui. Jean.

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It’s good to know that there are Brazilians here on Anker’s website! :slight_smile:
In Brazil, Anker is being talked about a lot about its great products and value for money! I have an upgraded Soundcore Boost, my dear.
In Brazil the styles of music are mixed, sertanejo, MPB, Funk, samba among others.
I particularly like songs like Elton John, Phill Collins, Simply Red among others!!

If you ever get a chance, give the Motion Boom a try. I love that speaker.

iwould try ordering from amazon as chinquino mentioned hopefully anker releases something soon to help you with direct sales

But you could give us some special examples of brazilian music, Jean.
We all know these artists you mentioned. :smile:

So we would like to hear something new.

I present some portuguese fados from time to time.
Now these kind of fantastic music is well known here in this forum.
That’s important to get in touch with other kind of music from all over the world.



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