Ability to see when last comment/share/post was done

One thing I have noticed is that the points are tallied up every 24 hours, meaning that if you started a thread at 4pm and another at 7pm, you cannot get any additional points for starting a new thread until 24 hours have passed. The points/notes section of your profile shows where points were gained, but does not display any times. If you are posting all day/sharing/or commenting, it doesn’t really affect anything because points show up when they do after 24 hours, but I know some people may be keeping track and what not. If it showed the times things were done, it would be helpful for those who do, but just a thought.

Stop focusing and worrying about post or times to get points. Where here to help build the comm ity not a rat race to get the most of anything.
And @Fuu_bar this isnt meant as an attack but just in general.

Oh I know, it isnt about that at all. I go about my day, do what I need to do and come here if I have time, so it wasn’t subjective to myself. Just a site suggestion because it came to mind when I was working on something else for work within a customer’s database logs that log virtually every action. More or less it was the pure curiosity in me because I know with this platform being built on what it was, it is not a set feature, only to those who have back end access.

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Nice to see someone doing compete with appl Inc.