About liberty air 2

Does my liberty air 2 support bluetooth multipoint?


But. If you have two Android devices like phone and tablet you can connect phone for voice only and tablet for media only and it usually works.

If your laptop and phone on identical Bluetooth versions you may get lucky doing the above trick, phone for calls, laptop for media.

Best to assume not working before purchase but if you buy anyway then experiment you may get lucky.

If you do experiment, then sometimes the buds get out of sync with each other and have to do a full reset.

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Sadly they don’t like the professor said so you are limited in that sense I think that would need a hardware update and not a software one

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Makes me ask if multipoint is in the bucket list for engineers for next wireless buds.

I can see the nightmares with wireless buds you don’t get with wired (left right wired together, wireless to device) of if the separate buds get connected to separate devices and need a full reset. Plus battery life impact

I can see all the engineering challenges and understanding why not yet done. But if ever???

Bluetooth 5.2 gives more options.


I would hope it is but part of me thinks they are trying to get the features that already have under control. They already have enough software issues often and while this is one that I really hope if on the bucket list it would need both hardware and software and potentially lead to more issues they will face. I do hope it comes in the future

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