About the OFF TOPIC category

A label for topics that are quite random, but still create an enjoyable, engaging discussion amongst the Collective.

As we are a community from all over the world.
Different languages, cultures, behavior, hobbies etc.,
there is really a NEED to talk about other things than speakers and earbuds. :wink:

We can also talk about BT codec and music :joy:

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Cheese and crackers please :smiley:

Random discussions :thinking:

Nothing new. Already done.


I like them. If theres a topic I dont like I can ignore it.

I was just about too start a thread like this and discovered yours in a search.

I’ve spent over half my life as a starving musician, even teaching for a few years. All the cash I was spending as well as hearing loss slowly starting caused me to make a decision to sell off all of my electric gear and buy a single very nice Martin.

My real living was always an industrial mechanic. I also love tinkering around with electronics, a couple of very basic courses for HTML and CSS scripting.
I still shave the way my grandfather taught me. Either a double edge razor or a straight razor.

After passing age 50 my biggest enjoyment now is seeing my daughter doing well in college and also working part time. And spending time with the wife that I use to miss working 60 hours a week.
We are a pretty old fashion family that enjoys the small things in life. What I like calling little wins.

Wow lol now I’m really starting to feel old. :smile: