About Wakey's connection

Why can’t I connect Wakey to the computer via Bluetooth ? Is it only for phones ?

I don’t have that WAKEY.
But if it will connect to a phone via bluetooth it will connect to a computer as well.
All settings should be possibly made “by hand”, if not using that app.

You need the app to take advantage of all the features, and the app is only for iOS and Android.

I am using iPhone Xs to connect it but sometimes it doesn’t work, though I’m just standing in front of Wakey ,it shows that I am too far away from it to connect, then I have to unplug it and turn on Wakey again.
Could it connect to my phone automatically when I use my phone’s Bluetooth?

A Bluetooth device should be able to connect to the computer with out the app. I understand that the app allows different featured but in this case if you are able to connected to the PC is probably because the PC does not support the drivers for this device. Try to update your PC Bluetooth drivers.

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I already updated it, also my PC is Surface,maybe that’s why I still can’t connect it ?

Ok, this will be the steps that I will fallow.

When you search for the speaker is the speaker in pair mode? If no, it will need to be.
If yes, does your surface is able to find the speaker? If no, something might not be right with the Surface(use a phone that the speaker is not pair at the same time to make sure the speaker is actuality in pair mode).
If yes, try to pair it.
Did it pair? If no, probably is not detecting the speaker “as a speaker”. If yes, does sound plays? If no, you are missing a driver (sometimes manufacturers don’t make driver for all the different devices). If yes you have been successful in your mission.


A little bit difficult the “remote diagnosis”
But you did it perfectly!

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I guess in theory it should pair no matter what right? I mean is Bluetooth. That does not mean it should work but my point is it should pair.

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It should pair and show up in that Bt-list of that Surface.

The rest should be done by hand with that WAKEY.
If there is really that app needed as our “moderator” mentioned this WAKEY is a …

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