AC/DC, Nirvana, Pink Floyd and Queen are among the UK’s best-selling artists on vinyl


Good old stuff!
Great bands
Never will be better ones today.!
When I took a look I see really some I know, I am surprised.
May be I am not such a ignoramus! :rofl:

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Looks like we are similar age

some nice bands to get recognition

Now if anybody had vintage vinyl of these greats, that’d be cool!

Vinyl has been making a strong comeback if you will, the last few years.

Gotta love the artwork…and the music too :roll_eyes:

Nice article share

I have a lot of vinyl and I own a fantastic stereo, more than 40 years old.
I remember we were talking about those stereos here some time ago.

I got a REVOX tape and amp, a Thorens turntable and Braun speakers.

Working perfectly after 45 years of use.
Wondering if soundcore speakers will work after such a long time.:wink:

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Nice to hear some items can be used for a such long time

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We are in era of planned obsolescence.
We all know, be we don’t care. :thinking: