Adam on Miami show showing Frames

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With them being like 200 dollars, I think I would like a lanyard, chain or whatever if I ever got them. You could attach to the frame arms and the worse case would be if they fell and the lanyard saved the frame arms you would only have a 50 dollar front frames which is the cheapest part of the Frame parts… :slight_smile:


Good idea, or they decide it’s not worthwhile and they state known other brands which work with.

We can figure it out for ourselves swapping reviews and tips later, just takes longer.

They’ll be something like this works.

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I agree, I’m afraid I’d break them. They look delicate. I want to wait a while to see how well these do in the real world.

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I don’t see them as delicate.

I see them as necessarily heavier due to the electronics, not necessarily uncomfortably so, but if they did happen to fall then would hit with greater force and doesn’t take too many falls for it be damaged, e.g. fall on the hinge mechanism stops it working.

I have £20 glasses and they last say 2 years just due to me being an imperfect human.

When a TWS falls it weighs less and doesn’t have a mechanism corner.

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I’d still be careful with them. If I get a pair I would wear a strap of some sort.


In my case if I’m walking currently I have the wired Slim buds around my neck and if I want to have a conversation I put one bud in ear and if it falls it is to the neck.

The problem is this simple effective solution doesn’t work when biking. If I use a speaker below I have to make it loud to hear past traffic noise and cant hold a discussion as microphone too distant. So these Frames can be a good answer.

I don’t suffer from glasses simply fall off my face, it’s I put them down and then they slide off to ground. e.g. put on bike saddle then they fall.

So the the idea of a cord around neck is another good idea.

To test is what cord attachment doesn’t block the rear speaker.

I was not initially thinking of a lanyard but saw Adams mic and had the thought of it.

I just hope people will find some nice looking one and not the granny glasses… :rofl:
Lol (please do not Google granny glasses)

I will say I was tempted on the frames but we have been babying our couch in the playroom for a bit so temptation is goneas per my wife’s orders Lol.

Good news is when temptation comes again, I should be 240 notes richer as I am close to leveling. :slight_smile:

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The fashion aspect is obvious but I’m thinking only physics.

There’s a mic at the front on the Frames as-is so nothing should attach there as it will just cause noise as you move.

So the connection has to be behind the ear, and somewhere not blocking the sound. So I think an around-neck attaching below the rear speaker.

Issue is the taper is higher up

Implying anything placed below the taper will simply fall off. So your idea of a lanyard attachment does make sense.

Yes they could easily put a hole there I’m sure. There’s no teardown but if I were the designer I’d have placed the battery here

So the weight of the battery counters the weight further forward. The microphone and forward speaker adds weight which needs a counter balance as above to not make glasses fall off when looking down. Explains why bigger behind the ear than normal too.

Adam is making the rounds. Thanks for sharing.

But the important question is @SoundcoreAdam eating a ham and cheese sandwich again at his Dad’s?

We will think about making a chain or something to make it more safe. Meanwhile we have done quite a few test for reliability and it should hold on with normal fall off. But still don’t crash on it.

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Some nice pics of Adam
Like many have said while I’m excited for the product I will be waiting for reviews before dropping money I really hope Soundcore has a lot of testing going for this product because entering a new field like this usually needs a lot of reviews as well as people to have them for support because I am sure there will be bugs in some way or another or people just looking for help.