Adam's Sneaky Peek at the all new Life Q30 | Amazon Live

The next generation of ANC is coming to Soundcore, so @SoundcoreAdam is sitting down with you for an exclusive Amazon live chat on the all new Life Q30. This is one you will not want to miss :point_down:

Tune in here live at 5 PM PDT / 8 PM EDT.

Don’t forget, you can also get an exclusive 30% off the pre-order price of Life Q30 when you commit just $1. Learn more here.

As always, Adam will be here to answer your burning questions, so feel free to drop a few down below in advance.


Wonder if he can show us the product or show some other photos of it

Does it come with a case?:pray:

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Believe @Soundcoreadam will give us a sneak- peek at the new Life Q30… Purely based on Title post

Oh forgot this got moved to Tuesday…, I can make it I think…

Sneaky Pete… almost missed it…


I want to know if the pre-order discount will be available on
You have plenty of Canadian fans that would appreciate it. Especially me!

To my knowledge this is US and UK only I’m afraid.

Welcome to the Collective btw!

FYI – Title is pure clickbait. Same pictures we’ve already seen. :disappointed:


Nothing new sadly


Also feel like @SoundcoreAdam is ignoring me… :cry:


Yeah I don’t know what that was about. I was getting your messages easily

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Happened last week too. @Ice can vouch for me.

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Tried the livestream tonight, and was able to listen but unable to log in through .ca

Still was interesting. Perhaps @Ice dm me if you’ve successfully gotten in through the .ca login, and let me in on the secret :wink:

Will rewatch later tonight


I was so hopeful that they would have more details but sadly seems like they aren’t telling Adam much yet either

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I guess they are afraid that you know more details of any new releases prior to them, so they envy you. @Insider

@TheSnarkyOne I didn’t join todays session, I just realized about this Live stream.

I will ping you next time when I join one of these sessions.


Thanks :wink: would be nice to take part and be able to converse with the host… deals maybe not quite yet as per Adam’s comments about being outside the us

I have found that there are questions they don’t want to discuss, so will just move on as if they never happened. With you, they are probably worried that a wrong word will let something slip, and then you will suddenly know their plans for the next 10 years. To the extent you don’t already.


LOL, Anker can’t keep their plans straight for one month, let alone ten years!

Can’t wait for @Insider to leak the price in a couple days😂