Add device to app

How do I add my device?

Which device are you trying to get connected so we can better help you?

First, ensure you bluetooth connected. Then load app.

Scroll around the app.

Hit the top left corner looks like 4 squares.

Then you see “my devices” and a headphone and a speaker looking icon. Click on one of those to match your device type.

Headphones goes to Liberty, Life. Speakers goes to Flare, Party, Wakey, Motion, …

Go to the right area then click on the matching product you own. Then it will connect.

Not all devices can be added to the App. If you tell us which one you’re trying to add, we can be more helpful.


Did this as I saw this was a need for some.

If your device has app support then this should work for all of them.


Not all Soundcore products have app support, and for example there’s two versions of Flare Mini, one has app support, one doesn’t and they look identical and sold alongside each other.

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I’m trying to add the soundcore select pro but not sure how wanna get some music playing :notes:

Check my thread link above as it should give an example on how to link to the app