Add Flare Mini - and other missing products - to Soundcore website

All of your products should be available for purchase from your own website. If there has to be a small delay between listing them elsewhere and offering for sale yourself, then indicate the expected availability on your site.

It also needs to be much clearer which ones are available and which aren’t. Right now, I can’t tell until going into the actual product listing - the prices shown at the higher search level are not an indication that it can be purchased here. It looks like having a star rating here might be an indication, but not sure if that is always true, and it isn’t super obvious to anyone new.

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Flare Mini was originally one of the items I wanted to use the coupon for.

Contacting anker support about this, and this was their response…

” For Soundcore Speaker and Headphones, we have a large quantity of SKUs so normally we will not put all products on our official website. Our Marketing team and Brand Management team will decide which items will be sold on our Official website, base on our internal sales plan”

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Hi guys,

Thank you for your suggestion, flare mini is on our site, please find the link below:

Having your support is the best thing we have.

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The link takes me to the product at your site. But once there, it is not available for sale from you. It is just a link to Amazon. My suggestion was to make it available for sale from your site. Along with other things that you list but do not sell directly.

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