Add Your Favorite New Songs | New Music Friday

Now that August is just around the corner, it’s got me thinking about what the song of the summer will be this year. Who knows, maybe it will be one of the songs you guys suggest! :musical_note::notes:

If you’re new here (or you haven’t already), make sure you follow our playlist over on Spotify and download it to your phone so that it updates each week, even when you’re offline. If you don’t use Spotify please be patient, we’re still working on it!

How To Take Part:

Every week, you can suggest 3 songs from 3 different artists and we’ll add them to the playlist. Songs can stay on the playlist for up to 2 weeks.

This week you can vote on your favorite song which is currently on the playlist and the Collective member who suggested the song with the most votes will win 15 Giveaway Tickets :partying_face: (Therefore songs suggested by myself and @sean.L won’t be included in this poll!)

  • SIX60 - Don’t Forget Your Roots
  • Jordan Rabjohn - Overthinking Again
  • Jack Harlow - WHATS POPPIN
  • Katchafire - Down With You
  • Juice WRLD - Wishing Well
  • Alexander Lindo - Love Yourself

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As usual, I’m looking forward to seeing your song submissions for this week :arrow_down:

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My song suggestions of the week:

Armin van Buuren & AVIRA feat. Be No Rain

Pia Mia - Hot

LÉON - And it Breaks My Heart

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What’s Poppin and Wishing Well are really good

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We could divide into categories.
“New songs”
“Oldies, but goodies”
if there is an interest .
“classical music”.

A humble suggestion :grinning:


Not a “New Song”!!!:heart_eyes:
But A 80’s #MTv fave tho!:sunglasses:
“Walking on Sunshine”:footprints: :sun_with_face: by Katrina & The Waves!:partying_face:

Good day Core,

Here are my suggestions:

Phil Collins - Land of Confusion

  • oldie / goodie :slight_smile:
  • for me peeps in the USA

Kina Grannis - Love Anyway

  • good powerdown song, mellow but pogniant

Nuela Charles - Known Better

  • sulty, jazzy, and good friday song

I like the new adds at the top.

Thanks @Hannah

Have a great weekend all.


@alexanderlindo is that your own music?

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As far as my wife and I know, that really is his own music. We love jamming to Love Yourself on these lovely British summer evenings in our conservatory.