Adding additional options to the equalizer

This isn’t me, I don’t even use the equalizer or these earbuds. But saw this on reddit, thought I would pass it on and see if anyone here had the same concerns:

Is this actually relevant? A worthwhile feature to add / request?

lol. This always makes me laugh. Having adjustments that low down wouldn’t do very much on these headphones.

That’s actually not true. I did a tone specific test and at their current level, sub 100hz tones cannot be heard on Liberty 2 air (compared to my apple air buds at comparable volume), but if you crank the volume on a 80 tone and an 60 hz tone, you can actually hear them on LA2. And quite nicely.

I feel this is what sets my humble wired airbuds apart from these.

To adjust my sound, I cranked what I could on the custom eq (which only goes down to 100hz) and set the iphone music eq to bass boost. It has fixed the weird hollow sound the Liberty Air 2s gave. I also essentially cut out the mids.