Adele expected to make over £500,000 per show during Las Vagas residency!

Wow! I know it’s not the highest amount earned per show in Vegas, but still pretty good going! (that’s an understatement!!!)


My neighbour was considering going with her daughter, but she said the cheap nosebleeds were $1000 +.

Not sure I can understand why front row tix should / need to be $30k+ or why I’d even contemplate even paying that…

Hearing how much the tix were, I kinda lost a bit of respect for her… guess gotta pay your staff somehow, as she was one of the few that kept paying despite her revenue being reduced the past 2 years…


Throughout my life, I haven’t earned as much money as Adele has earned for one concert :joy:.

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That’s a lot of $$$ per show. It must be nice. :thinking:
Thanks for sharing! :+1:

It’s a bit too much

Well Covid had a better idea…

BBC News - Tearful Adele postpones entire Las Vegas residency

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Wow! Talk about last minute dot com! I feel sorry for all those who had already made their way to LV before the announcement.

I just hope everyone did the right thing and got their jabs, otherwise these sorry stories will keep repeating.

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