Advent Calendar's ⌚

Are you counting down to Christmas day with an advent calendar? :christmas_tree:

Nah. Not my thing.

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I gave two kids. So yes, I have used advent calenders. Lego star wars and lego harry potter has been the most recent.

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not yet! :rofl:

Yeah any excuse to have chocolate on a daily basis :joy:

Didn’t get one this year, so just the regular calendar will have to do.

My daughter has Lego Friends!

Of course…

Santa Claus is coming to town
(Must be done in Bruce Springsteen voice only!)

We have a well named chocolate makers advent. Writing this reminded me, to open day one :grin:

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Not doing one but have thought about? What’s some good adventure calendars to try?

I have reminders for holidays in December… Which are good, usually I don’t check on calendars :grin:

The kids have one. And they don’t forget a day. Chocolate is a great motivator.

Daily Chocolate :chocolate_bar: :joy:

I still eat daily chocolate without an advent calendar :joy: