Air Liberty 2 is not working as headset in Ubuntu

Got a problem while using Liberty Air 2 in Ubuntu. Music through A2DP seems streaming ok but even if I manually switch to HSP/HFP mode in system audio settings the mic remains inactive. So, I’m like listening to Skype but speak on the internal PC mic. How it can be solved?..

When I take a look at my audio-system
I can modify the mic.
(Connected to the Flare Mini.

I dont know which Audio-System Ubuntu uses,
But must be PulseAudio /ALSA

If yours is not working now, you can use Pipewire, it merges the microphone from headset with the sound from headphone profiles. I’d only do this if you cannot fix it otherwise playing in settings.

Guide above.

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Hey, thank you - Chiquinho and The_Professor! I’d try and report but I hope it would help. Thanks again - I didn’t expect to get so much support. :slight_smile:

We “LINUXERS” are helpful as usual. :joy:

Argh… ) It was too early to celebrate. Well, I followed the instructions step by step but despite I got a whole list of possible variants to try none of them produced a good sound. I mean the quality is awful! )) It’s not even a basic mono output but worse and the same I have to say about the mic (all 4 of them installed in Air 2). I think it’s a disgrace to use such brilliant audio technology this way.
I rolled back the changes as was described in the post but unfortunately, the system now doesn’t catch the headset at all. It’s connected via Bluetooth, beeps successfully, and keeps on playing music on internal speakers. Maybe a complete reinstall will help.
But it doesn’t solve the main problem. I think I should lay down Liberty and buy Apple Airpods but who can guarantee they would be supported by Ubuntu?.. ))