AirPods make more money for Apple than Twitter's revenue

Can you believe this? “ 2019 Apple garnered 71% of the total revenue generated from all the truly wireless headphones in the market.”
More interesting facts in the article.

AirPods are simply not worth the money. I really don’t understand the hype.

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I agree with that. I thought I saw where that revenue from airpods, apple watches and something else was where a lot of revenue came to Apple.

people pay for the brand not the product thats why its all the hype (why don’t you guys understand?) @Shenoy

I never buy just for the brand and look at several factors before buying. lol. This was why I still my Zune and I had bought a Samsung Galaxy media player (which lthey got rid of not soon after). Now I have been tempted to get an Apple watch but have not done it. I thought about getting a more expensive watch if I really needed a watch instead.

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There is huge shortage of AirPods it seems which shows h how crazy demand they have

I agree… it’s a mindset about which I too am guilty at times… Have almost all of Apple products I use daily… iPhones, Watch, iPad, …

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Airpods pro are infinitely better then AirPods 1/2, but still not that great.

Is Apple watch worth it?

My wife bought me some wireless beats 3. Although they have the name and a good sound, I do not like them. They end up hurting my ears after a bit.

It’s definitely worth it… has helped me at lot of instances … Best smartwatch in the market till date

Apple Watch is worth every penny. I agree with @Shenoy that it is the best smart watch on the market.

That being said, I gifted my series 3 to a friend. I’m looking at getting a new one though.

There is a deal going on at Bestbuy at Stores, for apple products, not sure if it is specific at our store or across!

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Thanks for the heads up! It appears to be a national sale :grin:

They had series 3 for Christmas but hated that it is a 2 series. I was not for sure how well getting it 2 series back would affect app updates n battery life. Meaning certain apps not work as updates continue to come out

Go for series 5… and if it can wait… wait until next series is released👍

I heard series 5 is a good one, with ECG and other useful stuff

Series 4 has ECG as well. The main upgrade of the series 5 is an always on display.

Hmm interesting. How is the battery life on it then?

It lasts a full day, but previous version would last 2 days. It only updates once’s a second, and it’s very dim.

Also it’s an option, so you can still get a long battery life.