AirPods Pro alternative that cost less - Soundcore Liberty Air / Liberty Air 2 featured!

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air

The Liberty Air has long been a CNET favorite for offering better-than-AirPods sound for about half the price. (They’re even less now.) Why better? Because of that all-important in-ear seal, which allows for better bass (and noise isolation) than the original AirPods. Ironically, they more closely resemble the AirPods Pro.

You should also check out the newer Liberty Air 2, which for $100 features better battery life, improved voice calling and wireless charging case. Read our Anker Soundcore Liberty Air review.

Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Odd that they didn’t use liberty air 2 as an example…

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that is what I too noticed, knowing CNET, we should start seeing the newer models showing up later this year on their reviews

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I figured the ones I have won should be here soon. About tempted to keep them and get the neos for my brother as he mentioned earlier that he liked those and I see them on sale a lot lately.

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