Airpods providing value to apple - what should soundcore be worth?

This article puts much of the stock growth at the feet of airpods.

If that is at all accurate, and soundcore’s earbuds are as good as people here have claimed in their comparisons, the sky should be the limit if the word would just get out…

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Apple is juggernaut, it’s not fair to compare any company besides Samsung to them. Soundcore/Anker is solid and will be just as great based off their amazing customer service alone.

Soundcore earbuds are far superior to Apple AirPods. Anyone who says otherwise is most likely a fanboy of Apple.

The reason AirPods so well is because Apple has a name, so it was considered “cool” to have airpods.


My point was that if their headphone line can drive this much stock appreciation, Soundcore’s potential should be even greater with a better product. If only everyone had heard of them. So the comparision makes Soundcore look good here.

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Soundcore L2P is so much better than Airpods (2)… comfortable and perfect fitting, great bass!

Based on my experience

I think @Alejandro_Rubalcaba n @TechMan both have,good points. Apple had dominated the phones for a while until Samsung caught up to them as Apple became stagnant. Taking out the jack helped create an accessory market in airpods due to a cool factor along with watches. With the phones it is easier to build accessories off that vs Soundcore who are building the earbuds off well the earbuds.

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Apple has advantage of the base products - iPhone, iPad, Apple watches, Macs and they build the accessories very tightly integrated with the core products…

Going against the tide and building a user base like Soundcore has been doing for smartphone users is commendable.

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Point taken, I’m just big on not comparing things since every companies biggest competition is themselves. Marketing, branding, customer support will ultimately be the tell all of success in whatever is being sold regardless if the product is “better” or not.

You hit the jackpot, the Keyword here is “Integration”. I personally like more iOS over Android, but I don’t like MACs. They way they make it work is what keeps them ahead. I don’t consider my self a Apple fan but you got to give them credit on how the handle their ecosystem.

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Some credit. Because at the same time they use the ecosystem to block out other products, and other integrations.

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I do agree. Sometimes I wish they wound understand that not everyone will buy everything from them. They have got a little better but only a little. :sweat_smile:

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The mac platform has always been much more open than iOS, I have enjoyed that for years. Getting closer together in a bad way over time though.

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Rotten Apple