[Album] Mac or life P2 review

My lovely review is live now on Instagram… Here a quick brief.

Amazing sound
Amazing quality
Amazingly simple to set up/use
Amazing value
Amazingly lightweight
Amazingly comfortable

Go on, but them, you won’t look like a white sheep, and you’ll get better sound… And £180 in your pocket! … A hundred and eighty pound saving… Go on buy!

So comfortable to wear

Great presentation and so good to keep them little buggers tidy

What you get



Glad you’re enjoying them :grin:.

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Sounds like the sort of thing my wife would like to have for Christmas. I would have them fall out of my ears so often…

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Not with the largest bits you wouldn’t, unless pencils would fall out! lol

The problem is finding ones that fit comfortably and don’t fall out. I don’t love shoving things in my ears.

Well that’s different.

With these I found placing them in the ear, and a little twist down, they lock in place, and so comfortable.

I hate stuff on or behind the ear, even my hearing aids… They rub so.much or pressing against them, either way… Pain!

So I prefer in ear.

Stop being a pansy and get them already, they dont shove all that much into your ear. All depends how much you push on them. And even if they come out slightly, a quick tap back into place is all it takes to keep going.

Good overview and pics @Macblank , fit certainly seems better than another variation I bought for comparisons a few months ago :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fit is soo good.

Place them in horizontally, and twist/turn downwards… This gives a better more secure fit.

Of course the “pods” are renowned for their bad fitting, plus the stamina and sound quality, the CVC, AND you can get 4 pairs for the same price as the pods, why wouldn’t you‽

Perfect fitting Mac!
Enjoy the earbuds!

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I prefer them to my galaxy buds.

Again, a better fit and crisper sound. No listen through/ambient sound mode, but that’s not an issue really… Just take them out when needed.

You metioned before them turning off when removed from your ear?

Yes I noticed if.you took out the first earbud, the second would stop also.

So, if you put left bud in first, right bud would be slave. They both have sound, but when you remove the left first, right would stop.

This has nothing to do with politics! :rofl:

To be clear, you are talking about removing them from your ear correct? Because mine do not turn off when one or the other is removed from my ear

No it stopped after an update, but wasn’t sure if just mine… So only mention here not on review.

Oh ok, yeah so far I’m loving these. Will review come weeks end

@Macblank @tank are you guys sure they don’t have touch sensitive button which may be turning it off when taking them out?
But it’s a cool feature though, to turn off automatically.

They look good @Macblank

Just been listening again on my buds, taking alternative ones out, and nope it didn’t autonatop. Must have just been before the update.

What update are you talking about?

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